25 Juicy Watermelon Nail Ideas Curated by a Nail Artist

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Embrace the playful and refreshing vibe of summer with watermelon nails, inspired by everyone’s favorite seasonal fruit. These nail designs capture the iconic colors of watermelon—bright green rinds, juicy red flesh, and contrasting black seeds—creating a fun and vibrant look. Whether you opt for a simple watermelon accent nail or a full set of intricate designs, these manicures are perfect for poolside parties and picnics. With options ranging from minimalist chic to detailed artistry, there’s a watermelon nail design to suit every taste. Explore our curated collection of 25 watermelon nail design ideas and bring a slice of summer to your fingertips.

Water Drops

Nails by @notorioushandjobz

These watermelon nails are adorable, featuring green tips dotted with tiny black seeds and cute water drop effects that make them look fresh from a summer shower.

Watermelon in Butterfly

Nails by @gems.nails.x

Imagine butterfly nail art with a pink theme, delicately blending watermelon shades—soft pinks, vibrant greens, and tiny black accents—creating a whimsical and summery vibe right on your fingertips.


Nails by @myrznails

Picture holographic nails shimmering in watermelon hues, adorned with precise black dots, creating an abstract yet unmistakably watermelon-inspired design that catches the eye with its unique charm.

Fuchsia and Green

Nails by @sandraparranails

Imagine vibrant fuchsia nails designed with watermelon-inspired art, featuring playful water splash effects and accents of bright green that perfectly capture the refreshing and summery essence of a juicy watermelon.

Red Watermelon

Nails by @evamal_nails

Check out these red watermelon nails—they’re so fresh and cute, with green tips, tiny black seeds, and a shiny finish that makes each nail look like a slice of summer right on your fingertips!

White and Green Lines

Nails by @__get_nailed__

These nails feature a base of white and green stripes arranged in horizontal and vertical lines, complemented by small slices of watermelon art on each nail. The designs include green rinds and black seeds, giving them a fresh and vibrant summer look.

Summer Watermelons

Nails by @justyna.olender.nail.art

The watermelon nail art showcases a bold red hue, complemented by intricate leaf designs in lime green, dark green, and red, capturing the vibrant and refreshing essence of summer right on your fingertips.

Green Chrome

Nails by @beautytendernails

For a summer-ready look, these green chrome nails are paired with watermelon nail art featuring a touch of glitter, blending vibrant greens with fuchsia accents to evoke the refreshing and playful spirit of the season.

Swirly Watermelon

Nails by @chaosmanagerx4

This nail set features swirl nail art inspired by watermelons, with each nail adorned in vibrant red hues and accented with playful black dots, capturing the fun and whimsy of summer right at your fingertips.

Fuchsia for Watermelons

Nails by @ninabrowsandbeauty

For a bold and bright summer look, these fuchsia nails are adorned with playful watermelon nail art, featuring vibrant green accents and tiny black seeds, capturing the lively and fun essence of the season.

Pearl Touch

Nails by @simply.dipped

These watermelon nails shine with pearl chrome effects delicately applied to the watermelon slice nail art, adding a touch of elegance to their playful green, red, and black details, capturing the essence of summer in style.

Watermelon Slices

Nails by @thecolornook

Each almond-shaped nail flaunts a literal watermelon slice art, complete with vivid green rind, juicy red flesh, and tiny black seeds, making them a deliciously summery statement on your fingertips.

Watermelon Ombres

Nails by @angelikanaglar

These nails feature watermelon ombre shades blending fuchsia, white, and green, accented by delicate black-lined butterfly nail art, creating a whimsical and summery vibe that’s both fresh and vibrant.

Tropical Fruit

Nails by @ongles.perpignan

This tropical fruit nail set includes a refreshing watermelon design among other tropical fruit nail art, featuring vibrant colors and playful details that capture the essence of a sunny paradise right on your fingertips.

Neon Colors

Nails by @sunflowers_gelnails

This neon color watermelon nail design set features vibrant shades and includes neon leaves, creating a striking and modern look that embodies the lively spirit of summer with a tropical twist.

Watermelon and Butterflies

Nails by @jenailartist

In these ombre designs, watermelon colors blend gracefully, with butterfly nail art showcasing wings in shades of watermelon, adorned with delicate white flowers, creating a whimsical and summery vibe on your nails.

Details of Watermelon

Nails by @rubin_nailart

Fuchsia watermelon nail art showcases juicy dripping effects that enhance the realistic look of the watermelon slices, adding a fresh and playful touch to your manicure.

Watermelon French Tips

Nails by @polished_yogi

Watermelon nail art in French tips features green tips with subtle red accents and tiny black seeds, creating a fresh and summery twist on the classic French manicure style.

Abstract Watermelon

Nails by @paint_nails_studio

Watermelon nail art incorporates abstract black lines at the rind, accompanied by delicate water drop effects, capturing a unique and refreshing summer aesthetic on your nails.

All The Red Fruits

Nails by @thenailphileuk

This design set features alluring red fruit nail art, including a vibrant watermelon design complemented by hints of cherry, strawberry, and chili motifs, creating a deliciously bold and playful look on your nails.


Nails by @natmugnailartist

The nails showcase a stylish watermelon rind pattern accented with a touch of fuchsia glitter and tiny black dots, creating a trendy and playful design that’s perfect for summer fun.

The Whole Fruit

Nails by @dramatickle.error

This watermelon nail set features designs depicting both the inside of a watermelon and the outer rind. The inside nails capture the juicy red flesh with black seeds, while the outer rind nails showcase the green patterns, creating a complete and delightful watermelon-themed look.


Nails by @poshbyna

These nails feature ombre shades of watermelon, blending green, yellow, and pink hues to evoke the fresh and vibrant colors of summer fruit, creating a playful and cheerful manicure.

Summer Green and Fuchsia

Nails by @weronika_nailart

These watermelon-inspired nails combine vibrant fuchsia and turquoise colors, capturing the essence of summer with a bold and refreshing twist that’s both playful and stylish.

Terrazzo Touch

Nails by @redheadnails

Watermelon nails with terrazzo-inspired black seed dots offer a modern twist, blending the iconic fruit elements with contemporary design for a chic and trendy nail art statement.

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