25 Captivating Ocean Nail Art Ideas Handpicked by a Nail Artist

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Dive into the serene beauty of ocean nails, inspired by the tranquil hues of sea and sky. These nail designs evoke the calming essence of coastal landscapes, with shades ranging from deep navy blues to shimmering aquamarines and soft sandy tones. Whether adorned with seashell accents, wave patterns, or sparkling seafoam gradients, ocean nails transport you to a seaside paradise. Perfect for summer vacations or beach weddings, these designs capture the allure of the ocean’s vast and captivating beauty. Explore our curated collection of 25 ocean nail design ideas and bring a piece of the coast to your fingertips.

The Creatures

Nails by @miralangnailedit_

These ocean-themed nails feature 3D designs of sea creatures like sharks, shells, jellyfish, and octopuses, bringing the wonders of the deep sea to life right on your fingertips.

Pink Ocean

Nails by @stylebycambria

These ocean nails have a pink base color with adorable white shell nail art and playful blue fish designs, capturing a cute and fun summer vibe perfect for the season.

Pastel Blue

Nails by @yoosora.nails

These ocean nails feature a cute style with 3D designs of various colorful sharks. Each nail showcases a different type of shark, creating a playful and vibrant undersea theme on your fingertips.

Natural Beach Color

Nails by @spiritblossom_nails

These nails feature natural beach colors with intricate shell nail art and accents of white starfish designs, bringing a touch of coastal beauty right to your fingertips.


Nails by @shi_nailedit

These ocean-inspired nails showcase delicate shell nail art adorned with shimmering pearl glitter effects, complemented by a charming flower design, creating a whimsical and elegant coastal look.

Dark Blue and Green

Nails by @soy_karlagc_makeup

These ocean-inspired nails blend dark blue and green shades with bubbly effects, adorned with sparkling gems and cute starfish designs, capturing a magical underwater vibe with a touch of sparkle.

Mermaid Theme

Nails by @anh.in.texas

These mermaid-themed ocean nails feature mesmerizing magnetic effects and intricate 3D designs, accented with a touch of gold to create a mystical and enchanting underwater allure.


Nails by @disenosdevale

This ocean nail set features 3D jellyfish designs, along with coral pink and yellow starfish accents. The base color of white evokes an underwater feel, and blue jelly gel complemented by shell effects, creating a stunning and aquatic-inspired manicure.

Blue Ocean Inspired

Nails by @riiasbeautybar

These white and blue ocean nails are adorned with pearls, featuring 3D wavy effects that give them a dynamic appearance. Adding a girly touch are delicate butterflies and ribbons, creating a whimsical and elegant nail design inspired by the sea.

Cute Ocean Nails

Nails by @aubreyjo.beauty

These cute ocean nails feature colorful nail art on a natural base color, showcasing playful starfish and shell designs that bring a cheerful seaside vibe to your manicure.

Bright Ocean Vibes

Nails by @gelxxmel

These ocean nails pop with bright colors, highlighting white wave designs and adding dimension with 3D shells and starfishes, creating a vibrant and summery look inspired by the seaside.

Tosca and Pink Theme Nails

Nails by @glamnailsbygabby

These ocean-inspired nails blend pink and turquoise hues, adorned with white shell and starfish designs, accented with colorful pearls for a touch of elegance and seaside charm.


Nails by @thenailtechorg

This ocean nail set features blue tortoise shell art alongside intricate shell designs and colorful fish motifs, creating a captivating underwater theme that’s both playful and serene.

Sand Color

Nails by @nailz2nite

Inspired by sand colors, these nails showcase clear 3D effects with accents of shimmering silver beads, creating a sophisticated and beach-inspired manicure that gleams with elegance.

Clear 3D Effects

Nails by @sassynails.pr

These modern ocean nails combine shades of blue, orange, and pink with accents of white pearls and clear 3D effects, capturing a contemporary underwater theme. The addition of pink manta ray nail art adds a playful and unique touch to complete the look.

White and Pastel Blue

Nails by @nailsbysami_

This pretty ocean nail set features a combination of white, silver, and pastel blue shades, adorned with delicate jellyfish nail art. Adding to the charm are pearl chrome accents and tiny pearls, creating a serene and elegant underwater-inspired manicure.

Turquoise Shells

Nails by @itsalifestylenails

These pretty turquoise shell nails are elegantly accented with a touch of gold, adding a luxurious and beachy vibe to your manicure.

Beach Theme

Nails by @nilufar_rudbari.nail

This beach-inspired nail set captures the essence of the seaside with shades of blue for the ocean, white waves, and beige sand. Complete with 3D shell nail art, it creates a serene and scenic manicure reminiscent of a day at the beach.

Fun Beach Nail Set

Nails by @kingsmanailart.id

This fun and cute beach nail set features wavy half tips in a beige sand color with a touch of glitter, complemented by adorable nail art designs of starfishes, shells, and octopuses. It’s a whimsical and playful manicure that captures the joyful spirit of the beach.

Blue Waves

Nails by @annapripon.nails

This white nail set showcases an ocean theme with blue abstract wave nail art, creating a serene and modern look that evokes the tranquil beauty of the sea.

Gem Ocean Set

Nails by @nailz.byx

This gem-inspired ocean nail set features a colorful palette of blues, purples, and greens, accented with glitters and 3D shell designs. Adding a touch of gold enhances the luxurious and captivating underwater theme of the manicure.

All Kind of Shells

Nails by @auxnailz

This simple pastel blue nail set features various types of shell nail art adorned with large pearls, creating an elegant and beachy manicure that captures the serene beauty of the ocean.

Shell Nail Set

Nails by @lules_nail_art_studio

The nails showcase shells in broken white and light brown hues, enhanced by a clear 3D effect that gives them a realistic appearance. Adding to the beachy charm are delicate starfish nail art designs, completing the coastal-inspired look with a touch of whimsy.

Pink Nail Set

Nails by @nails__by__joselyn

This ocean nail design set features shades of pink with intricate ocean-themed nail art, creating a vibrant and whimsical aquatic-inspired manicure.

Blue French Tips

Nails by @nailsby.urvi

These blue French tip nails are adorned with a delicate seaweed pattern and accented with sparkling gems, adding a touch of elegance and ocean-inspired beauty to your manicure.

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