25 Summer Green Nail Ideas Curated by a Professional Nail Artist

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Summer green nails are a fresh and vibrant way to celebrate the season’s lively spirit. From lush emeralds to playful lime hues, green nails capture the essence of summer’s natural beauty. Perfect for beach outings or garden parties, these green shades add a refreshing pop of color to any look. Whether you prefer simple, chic designs or bold, intricate patterns, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our curated list of 25 summer green nail design ideas and get inspired to embrace this trendy and revitalizing color for your next manicure.

Green Chrome

Nails by @notorioushandjobz

These summer green nails feature a stunning green chrome base with 3D wavy effects. The magnetic green French tips are accented with gold stars and moon accessories for a celestial and eye-catching look.

Ocean Vibe

Nails by @dontouchmynailz

These ocean vibe nails showcase sage green colors with intricate 3D flowers and jellyfish. Accented with delicate pearls, they capture a serene and whimsical underwater theme perfect for summer.

Green Leaves

Nails by @ewiloving.nails

These summer green nails feature a striking combination of lime and bright green shades. The look is completed with bold black leaf accents, adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

Green French Tips

Nails by @nails._bykayy._

These summer nails feature a soft pastel green color with chic French tips. The 3D effects add a touch of depth and sophistication, making them perfect for a fresh and stylish summer look.

Simple Dot

Nails by @thedailynailofficial

These short summer green nails are adorned with simple green dots and accented with a touch of gold glitter. The minimalist design is perfect for a fresh and playful summer look.

Color Blocking

Nails by @gelpolish_bar

These summer green nails feature a stylish color blocking design with a blue base and neon green top. The bold contrast creates a vibrant and trendy look perfect for the season.

French Tip and Dots

Nails by @karolina.er

These summer nails feature elegant green French tips accented with small blue dots near the cuticle area. The combination of colors adds a fresh and playful touch, perfect for a stylish summer look.


Nails by @monika__nails

These summer green nails feature sage green swirls accented with silver glitter. The simple yet elegant design adds a touch of sparkle, perfect for a chic summer look.

Touch of Pink

Nails by @ta__nails

These summer nails feature green French tips with 3D wavy effects, accented by delicate 3D pink flowers. The combination of textures and colors creates a fresh and lively look perfect for the season.

Bold Option Nail Set

Nails by @julietavenegas_nails

This bold nail theme set for summer features striking green hues, chrome accents, intricate 3D effects, and touches of gold. It’s a vibrant and glamorous choice that captures the essence of summer with its bold colors and luxurious details.


Nails by @pressedxbyjess

These summer green nails feature chic French tips in green with a striking black zebra pattern. Adding a touch of gold accents and delicate pink flowers completes the look with a stylish and playful twist, perfect for the season.

Celestial Theme

Nails by @nylove_nail

This summer green nail set embraces a celestial theme, adorned with a touch of gold accents. The design captures the ethereal beauty of the cosmos, making it a sophisticated and eye-catching choice for the season.


Nails by @nails_by_max_may

These green smiley nails are perfect for fun summer vibes, adding a playful and cheerful touch to your manicure.

Y2K Theme

Nails by @stella.fairynail

Embrace a Y2K-inspired abstract green nail theme for summer, featuring stars, tortoise patterns, and a touch of chrome. It’s a nostalgic yet trendy choice that captures the essence of playful and eclectic Y2K fashion.

Glitters & Chromes

Nails by @fabulousbyalexandra

These long square summer nails feature a stunning combination of green chrome and green glitter, creating a glamorous and eye-catching look perfect for the season.

Fun Nail Set

Nails by @jininailstudio

This green nail set for a summer theme features playful random shapes including smiley faces and flowers, designed to suit short nails. It’s a fun and vibrant choice that adds a touch of whimsy to your summer manicure.


Nails by @nailsbyitzaaa

For a stylish summer nail design, try green chrome French tips adorned with white stars and rhinestones. This elegant yet vibrant combination captures the essence of summer with a touch of celestial charm.


Nails by @fitnailbar

Try a chic tosca nail set adorned with delicate white leaves for a simple yet elegant summer look.

Lime or Lemon?

Nails by @navas_nails

Create a refreshing lime and lemon nail set with vibrant green and yellow colors, perfect for a bright and summery look. Which one is your favorite: Lemon or Lime?

Natural Vibe

Nails by @glamnailsbykayla

These summer green nails feature chrome finishes, ombre gradients, and intricate 3D effects, with a personalized touch of an initial “K”. It’s a sophisticated and customizable choice for adding flair to your summer manicure.

Shades of Green

Nails by @divine.nailshtx

For summer, these green nails showcase various shades of green in French tips, complemented by subtle 3D effects at the tips. It’s a stylish and modern take on classic French manicures, perfect for the season.


Nails by @laurine_manucurerusse

Embrace a modern abstract green nail set for summer, featuring bold black lines and a touch of gold foil. This sophisticated design adds an artistic flair to your manicure, perfect for making a statement during the sunny season.

Lime Green and White Leaves

Nails by @boho.paulina

Opt for these striking neon green nails adorned with delicate white leaves, finished with a matte top coat for a trendy summer look.

Black and Green

Nails by @astranayz

Achieve a stunning summer nail style with this almond, elegant black and green radial ombre, enhanced by the addition of sparkling gold star accessories for a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Green Ombres

Nails by @allanyasacrylics

Create a striking summer nail design with Tosca and neon green ombres, complemented by a touch of silver metallic nail art. This combination offers a vibrant and modern look that captures the essence of summer.

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