Glamour Galore: 50 Stunning Gem Nail Design Ideas to Sparkle Your Manicure

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Gem nails offer a glamorous and luxurious touch to your manicure, incorporating various types of gemstones for a dazzling effect. From classic diamonds to vibrant rubies, and elegant pearls to sparkling crystals, the options are endless. These intricate nail designs elevate your look, adding a touch of sophistication and opulence to any ensemble. Get ready to adorn your nails with the brilliance of gemstones and make a statement with your manicure!

Luxury Purple Set

Nails by

These luxurious purple nails are adorned with an array of stunning gems, adding an elegant touch to your manicure for a glamorous and sophisticated look.


Nails by @gelsbybry

This pink French manicure is elevated with a delicate touch of small pink gems, adding a subtle yet elegant sparkle to your nails.

Red & Green Gems

Nails by @marienailz

Vibrant pastel hues merge seamlessly with delicate floral patterns in this charming nail design, evoking a sense of whimsy and springtime elegance that’s sure to captivate hearts and minds.

Handmade Jade

Nails by @jark.nails

Crafted by hand, these jade green-inspired gems with intricate gold lining add a touch of artisanal elegance to your nails, embodying a timeless blend of luxury and sophistication.

Touch of Gems

Nails by @cjadesnails

Elevate your natural look with subtle sophistication, as tiny rhinestones delicately adorn your nails, adding just the right touch of sparkle and glamour.

Firey Red Vibe

Nails by @nailsbynataliesama

Make a bold statement with long crimson nails adorned with shimmering red gems, complemented by delicate heart-shaped shadows, adding depth and romance to your glamorous look.

Simple and Cute

Nails by @shoreditchnails

Embrace simplicity with short, natural nails adorned by petite, colorful gems, adding a subtle pop of vibrancy and charm to your everyday style.

For Almond Shape Nail Idea

Nails by

Indulge in a burst of color with vibrant gem nails accented by a hint of edgy black belt nail art, blending sophistication with a touch of playful flair.

Chrome, Matte, Gems, 3D.

Nails by @morning.glory_nails

Experience opulence with matte purple chrome nails, embellished with subtle gem accents and intricate 3D elements, creating a captivating blend of sophistication and allure.

Gold Vibe

Nails by @nailedbyfreakyt

Elevate your wedding look with timeless elegance – gold gem-adorned nails paired with a classic French manicure, a perfect blend of sophistication and bridal charm.


Nails by @nextlevelnailskw

Experience the pinnacle of precision with flawlessly positioned gem nails, featuring striking large pink gems that elevate your manicure to a new level of elegance.

Just The Tips

Nails by @beautybykeirax

Channel the ethereal beauty of crystals with ombre-inspired gem accents delicately placed at the tips of your nails, adding a touch of mystical allure to your manicure.

Red French Manicure

Nails by @j3nnailedit

Elevate the classic French manicure with a bold twist – vibrant red tips adorned with an array of colorful gems, adding a playful and glamorous touch.

3D Flowers

Nails by @americannails_crosby

Transform your nails into a masterpiece with stunning gem accents paired with intricate 3D acrylic flower art, showcasing an exquisite blend of elegance and creativity.

The Heart-Shaped Red Gem

Nails by @viktorieemnails

Make a statement with a bold red heart-shaped gem as the centerpiece of a simple yet striking nail design, exuding elegance with a touch of passion.


Nails by @peachynailstudio

Elevate your nails with a luxurious gold base adorned with an assortment of colorful gems in various sizes, adding a touch of opulence and personality to your manicure.

Red & Gold

Nails by @plntnails

Adorn your nails with a striking combination of red and gold gems, creating a captivating and luxurious manicure fit for any glamorous occasion.

The Dragons

Nails by @whalyyyy

Embrace a captivating allure with green ombre nails as the backdrop for mesmerizing dragon gems, adding an enchanting and mystical touch to your manicure.

Silky White

Nails by @curedbyjae

Capture the essence of ethereal beauty with a silky white base adorned by rainbow effect gems, imparting a mesmerizing and magical charm to your manicure.

Colorful Gems

Nails by @j3nnailedit

Radiate opulence with a lavish gold base adorned with bold and colorful gems, creating a luxurious and eye-catching manicure that commands attention.


Nails by @shoreditchnails

Embrace minimalistic elegance with monochrome nails featuring a single gem on each, adding a touch of subtle glamour to your understated yet sophisticated manicure.

Let Them Shine!

Nails by @badgalsabz

Shine bright with nails adorned in a plethora of gems, radiating glamour and exuding a dazzling allure fit for any glamorous occasion.

The Stars

Nails by @shelsnailz

Illuminate your nails with a celestial touch, featuring captivating stars crafted from gems that sparkle and shine, adding a touch of celestial elegance to your manicure.

Winter Theme

Nails by @speakeasynails_

Embrace the enchanting beauty of winter with gem-adorned nails, evoking the icy allure of the season with sparkling elegance and frosty charm.

Diamond Inspired

Nails by @_glamournaillounge

Sparkle like diamonds with gem nails inspired by the brilliance of these precious gems, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your manicure.

Bridgerton Inspired Nail Set

Nails by @from_woe_to_pro_nails

These gem nails are inspired by the Bridgerton series, featuring a white theme with sparkling glitters and delicate flowers. The elegant design captures the show’s regal charm perfectly.

Garden of Roses

Nails by @from_woe_to_pro_nails

These gem nails feature a striking black and red color scheme, adorned with 3D red roses, a touch of gold, and turquoise gems. The combination creates a bold and luxurious look that’s sure to stand out.


Nails by @dips_drinks_diamonds

These gem nails are a pastel dream, with each nail showcasing a different soft color adorned with butterfly and flower gems. Rhinestones add extra sparkle, making the design whimsical and eye-catching.


Nails by @nailedby.ebonne

These gem nails feature a cosmic theme with planet-shaped gems in black, white, red, and silver. The celestial design creates a striking and otherworldly look that’s sure to captivate.

Monochrome Set

Nails by

This monochrome gem nail set exudes a coquette charm with sleek black and white tones, elegantly adorned with sparkling silver gems. The design combines simplicity and sophistication, making it perfect for a chic and polished look.

Fun Gem Nail Set

Nails by @paintedbykirstie

This maximalist gem nail set bursts with vibrant colors, featuring an array of dazzling gems. A touch of 3D green chrome on the pinky adds a bold and unique twist to the extravagant design.

Colorful Blings!

Nails by @j3nnailedit

These nails feature a natural pink base, beautifully adorned with colorful gems. The combination of subtle pink and vibrant gems creates a look that’s both elegant and playful.

Blue Aura

Nails by @vdw.nails

These nails showcase a striking blue and white radial ombre design, each accented with a big round gem. The combination of the gradient colors and sparkling gems creates a bold and glamorous look.

Spring Gem Nails

Nails by @nails_by_haiyen

This spring floral nail set blooms with vibrant colors and delicate flower designs, accentuated by colorful gems artfully placed to resemble blossoms. The combination creates a playful and whimsical look perfect for the season.

Simple Flame Nails

Nails by @anarchynailart

This simple short flame nail set in black offers an edgy vibe, perfect for short nails. The addition of cross gems adds a touch of uniqueness and boldness, making it ideal for those seeking an edgy look.

Pink Glitter Set

Nails by @nailsxjazminn

Indulge in a pink nail set featuring stunning 3D acrylic flowers, complemented by delicate butterfly and flower gems. This combination creates a charming and elegant look, perfect for adding a touch of beauty to your nails.

Royal Blue

Nails by @acrylicsbyjuli

For lovers of royal blue, these gem nails feature a regal theme, enhanced with 3D acrylic flowers for a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a nail design fit for royalty.

Glitters and Gems

Nails by @setsbysenia

Experience the ultimate sparkle with gem nails featuring a pink glitter ombre, where glitter and gems combine for a dazzling and glamorous look that’s sure to steal the spotlight.

Celestial Gem Nail Set

Nails by @nailedby.ebonne

Step into the cosmos with this celestial-inspired nail set, featuring classic white French tips adorned with an array of sparkling gems, including stars and planets. The combination of white and celestial motifs creates a dreamy and enchanting look fit for a starry night.

Gem Stone French

Nails by @nailedby_ci

Make a bold statement with gemstone French nails adorned with colorful big gems, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look.

Black and Gold

Nails by @filedbytina

Elevate your French tips with a touch of elegance; opt for classic black French tips or add a luxurious twist with gold gem French tips for a glamorous and sophisticated look.

What We Need for Summer

Nails by @britts_manis

Embrace summer vibes with nails adorned by a big flower gem, featuring a vibrant combination of blue and yellow colors complemented by floral glitters, adding a playful and cheerful touch to your look.

Hello Kitty Nail Set

Nails by @nailsbyhlee

Indulge in a playful Hello Kitty French tips nail set, accented with a touch of gems and delicate white 3D ribbons, creating an adorable and charming look that’s perfect for fans of the iconic character.

Silver and Gems

Nails by @setsbysenia

These silver ombre glitter and gem nails shimmer with elegance and sophistication, offering a glamorous and luxurious look that’s perfect for any special occasion.

Girly Gem Nail Set

Nails by

For minimalist nails with a touch of girly vibes, opt for chic gem nails in a palette of white and silver, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Sweet Touch

Nails by @setsbysenia

Achieve a chic look with blue and gold nails featuring minimalist nail art, elevated by a subtle touch of gems for added elegance and sophistication.

Complete The Ribbon Look!

Nails by @nailzby.min

For a touch of elegance, try gem nails in a soft natural pink color adorned with a delicate 3D ribbon, adding a subtle yet charming accent to your manicure.

Wild French Tips Nails

Nails by @nailsbyhlee

For a bold statement, embrace wild French tips in an earthy palette featuring tiger, giraffe, and cheetah patterns, accented with a touch of gems for an elegant and sophisticated finish.

Aura Nails + Gem Stones

Nails by @setsbysenia

Bring a burst of color to your nails with vibrant aura nails adorned with colorful small gems, adding a playful and dazzling touch to your manicure.

Yellow and Hot Pink Nail Set

Nails by @sarahis.sets

Turn up the heat with a yellow and hot pink nail set featuring gem nails adorned with 3D flowers and gold gems, creating a vibrant and luxurious look that’s sure to make a statement.

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