Hop Into Style: 25 Adorable Bunny Nails Handpicked by a Nail Artist

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Bunny nails are a delightful and whimsical way to add a touch of charm to your manicure. Whether you opt for cute bunny faces, playful rabbit silhouettes, or intricate bunny-inspired designs, these nails are sure to bring a smile to your face. With Easter around the corner or simply to celebrate your love for these adorable creatures, bunny nails offer endless opportunities for creativity and fun. Get ready to hop into spring with these adorable nail art designs!

Rainbow Bunny

Nails by @tomatoesnails

Pastel-colored bunny nails in chic almond shapes offer a playful yet elegant touch, perfect for embracing springtime charm.

Blue Miffy Bunny

Nails by @sophiescutenails

Get playful with Miffy-inspired nails featuring a cute bunny blue checker line for a whimsical touch. Perfect for adding some fun to your manicure.

Cloudy Bunny

Nails by @alexiaxnails

Elevate your nail game with bunny-inspired nails featuring delicate silver lines and a dreamy cloudy effect for an enchanting look. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your manicure.

For Pink Lovers

Nails by @katwaii.style

Embrace the sweetness with pink bunny nails adorned with charming 3D flowers, hearts, and ribbons for an adorable and feminine touch. Perfect for adding a playful and romantic flair to your manicure.

Miffy & The Glowing Sky

Nails by @chaos.nails

Achieve a playful yet sophisticated look with blue Miffy bunny nails featuring a mesmerizing cat eye effect base complemented by dreamy clouds nail art.

Chubby Bunny

Nails by @janenails_ldn

Get adorable nails with 3D chubby bunny art, adding a cute touch to your natural pink nail base.

Cute Bunny Set

Nails by @yummie.nailz

Indulge in whimsical charm with 3D bunny nail art featuring ribbons, orange hearts, and delicate pearls for a playful yet elegant touch.

Bunny & Ribbons

Nails by @nailsbysami_

Elevate your nail game with adorable bunny nails adorned with intricate ribbon nail art, adding a sweet and sophisticated flair to your manicure.

French Bunny-cure

Nails by @lolliesbeautiq

Achieve timeless elegance with a classic French manicure complemented by charming bunny nail art, adding a playful touch to your sophisticated look.

Bunny & Pearls

Nails by @impresswithdes

Elevate your French manicure with adorable bunny nail art adorned with delicate pearls, adding a touch of whimsy to your classic look.

Valentine’s Bunny

Nails by @fille_nail

Indulge in sweet sophistication with bunny nail art featuring a delectable chocolate texture in charming pink and brown hues.


Nails by @nailsbysami_

Hop into spring with bunny nail art paired with adorable strawberry designs for a whimsically delightful manicure.

3D Miffy Bunny

Nails by @sophie.nailarts

Adorn your nails with sweet simplicity! Capture the essence of bunnies with delicate silver ribbon lines and petite gem accents.

Summer Bunny

Nails by @nail.brat

Make a statement with vibrant hues! Show off your playful side with bold and colorful bunny nail designs.

Warm & Cozy Bunny

Nails by @nailsbyszotsandrea

Cozy up your nails with warm earthy tones and add a touch of whimsy with an adorable bunny wearing a sweater hat sticker.

Red Bunny Set

Nails by @jessiepnails

Add a playful touch to your red nails with charming bunny nail art adorned with sweet ribbons.

Funny Bunny

Nails by @debora__nailart

Indulge in some whimsical charm with funny bunny nails featuring vibrant red hues and adorable heart nail art.

The Chrome & 3D Bunny

Nails by @officiallycassi

Add a touch of enchantment to your manicure with purple glitter nails adorned with charming 3D bunny and heart decorations.

Summer Flowers

Nails by @joaglitz_nail_studio

Adorn your nails with adorable bunny heads crafted from vibrant orange and yellow flowers for a whimsical and playful touch.

Peeking Bunny

Nails by @n.strokosz_nails

Capture the playful essence of spring with peeking bunny nail art nestled among delicate flowers, set against an earthy tone base color for a charming touch.

Carrot or Mermaid?

Nails by @clairewoodnailartist

Embrace the whimsy of the season with adorable carrot and bunny nail art adorning a sky blue backdrop, evoking a delightful sense of springtime charm.

Spring Vibe

Nails by @nailsbyashleighlouise

Celebrate the vibrancy of spring with bunny nails adorned in soft pastel hues, adding a touch of whimsical charm to your fingertips.

Black Bunnies

Nails by @buloushinails

Elevate your nail game with adorable black 3D bunny nails, adding a hint of playful sophistication to your look.

Another Cute Strawberry Bunny Set

Nails by @mia.artnails

Indulge in whimsical charm with super cute 3D bunny and strawberry nail art, bringing a delightful touch of sweetness to your manicure.

Short and Simple

Nails by @janellenailsart

Enjoy a playful twist on your manicure with short square nails adorned with a touch of glitter at the tips, complemented by a charming bunny head peeking from the edge.

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