Almond Affair: 25 Elegant Nail Designs for Almond-Shaped Nails

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Almond nails boast a tapered shape with rounded edges, resembling the silhouette of an almond. This elegant shape elongates the fingers and offers a softer look compared to stiletto nails. Almond nails strike a balance between oval and stiletto shapes, making them versatile and suitable for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events. Their versatility and flattering appearance make them a timeless choice for nail enthusiasts seeking understated elegance.

Black Design Set

Nails by @pressed.byp

Elevate your almond nails with sleek black nail art, featuring intricate thin lines for a chic and sophisticated look that adds a touch of modern elegance to your manicure.

Sweet Almond Nail Set

Nails by

Indulge in sweetness with almond nails adorned by a delicate white and pink nail design, featuring a charming 3D ribbon for an irresistibly cute and feminine manicure.

Pink Nail Theme

Nails by

Radiate elegance with almond nails in soft pink hues, adorned with a delicate touch of silver glitters and sparkling gems for a glamorous and sophisticated manicure.

Goldy & Goody

Nails by @glowstudioaesthetics

Embrace opulence with almond nails featuring abstract gold chrome designs, exuding a modern and luxurious allure for a standout and stylish manicure.

Radial Ombre

Nails by @curedbyjae

Capture cosmic charm with almond nails sporting radial ombre designs in various dark hues, accented with touches of white and silver stars for a celestial-inspired manicure.

The Clean Look

Nails by @matuszewsk.a

Embrace your wild side with almond nails in earthy tones, adorned with clean and chic cheetah print nail art for a sexy and sophisticated look.

Flower Nail Set

Nails by @alinahoyonailartist

Channel elegance with almond nails featuring delicate flower nail art, accented by a gold thin line and finished with a matte top coat for a chic and sophisticated look.

Bold Colors

Nails by @curedbyjae

Make a statement with almond nails boasting bold colors and intricate gold designs, enhanced with mesmerizing 3D swirl textures for a captivating and luxurious manicure.

Heart Nail Set

Nails by @atelieristka

Evoke romance with almond nails donning classic red hues and timeless French tips, accentuated by charming heart nail art for a sweet and sophisticated manicure.

Sweet and Simple

Nails by @setsbysenia

Indulge in sweetness with almond nails featuring a glazed donut base adorned with small gems on each nail, creating a simple yet clean and delightful manicure.

Red & Touch of Gold

Nails by @clawsbyerica

Infuse classic charm into your almond nails with French red tips, complemented by adorable cherries and ribbon nail art, finished with a touch of gold beads for an elegant and playful manicure.

Silver Touch

Nails by @nailsby.tiff

Enhance your natural beauty with almond nails in a soft, natural color, elevated by a touch of silver and abstract chrome nail art for a chic and sophisticated look.

Celestial Nail Set

Nails by @myshell.nails

Radiate celestial elegance with almond nails featuring silver swirl tips adorned with sparkling silver stars for a heavenly and enchanting manicure.

White and Clean

Nails by @nails.bybriiiiiiii

Opt for understated elegance with almond nails boasting a natural base color, adorned with abstract white lines for a clean and sophisticated manicure.

Hearts. Hearts Everywhere.

Nails by @nailsbyharriet_

Adorn your short almond nails with a charming pink theme, featuring heart nail art and classic French tips for a sweet and elegant manicure.

Black Lines

Nails by @hannah_sd_nails

Elevate your almond nails with a natural peach hue, enhanced by subtle black nail art stripes for a chic and modern twist on a classic manicure.

Look The Clouds!

Nails by @CL_Beautiebar

Channel sophistication with almond nails sporting a white French manicure, accented by a touch of gold and whimsical cloud nail art for a dreamy and elegant look.

Red Fire

Nails by @tulipartistnailspa

Set your style ablaze with almond nails featuring fiery red nail art, igniting a bold and captivating statement for a sizzling manicure.


Nails by @mattecoat

Elevate your almond nails with a crisp white base, adorned with colorful ombres and a sprinkle of gold stars for a vibrant and celestial-inspired manicure.


Nails by @purpleemperoressence

Go green with almond nails boasting a fresh theme, featuring French tips, white bases, green gradients, and a sprinkle of silver stars for a nature-inspired and enchanting manicure.

Yellow & Gold

Nails by @junior_nails_ke

Brighten up with almond nails in sunny yellow hues, featuring abstract designs accented by elegant gold lines for a chic and vibrant manicure.

French Almond Earthy Tone

Nails by @purpleemperoressence

Embrace autumn elegance with almond nails adorned in earthy tones, donning a classic French manicure and delicate fall-themed flowers for a sophisticated and seasonal-inspired look.

Touch of Glitters

Nails by @fernanda.nailsmaster

Enhance your almond nails with a touch of sparkle and sophistication through a natural-colored base adorned with a glitter ombre design, for an effortlessly chic manicure.


Nails by @verenisse_nailsart

Charm with short almond nails featuring a soft pink pearl hue, adorned with a delightful 3D ribbon for a cute and elegant touch to your manicure.

Yellow French Manicure

Nails by @pop_polished

Radiate sunshine with almond nails showcasing a yellow French manicure, adorned with delicate flowers for a cheerful and vibrant touch to your manicure.

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